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Yesterday was nice! Went to Yiling's home in the evening where I got jealous (for the hundredth time) by her PS2. (I want Kingdom Hearts T_T)

And following that, we went to our grandmama and grandpapa's place for a Christmas dinner. Apparently, as the 'CHIEF ORGANISER', a lot of the food I prescribed on the menu didn't get prepared =P But they were nice, anyway! We brought our laptop to show our relatives our Taiwan pics and my cousins got overly amused with my 'I AM COW' song.

And apparently I gave Timothy the wrong impression of the functions of a light stick.

I wanna go carolling someday! (I've never been carolling.)

Christmas isn't Christmas til' it's Christmas in your heart
Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts
So give your heart to Jesus, you'll discover when you do
That is Christmas, really Christmas for you


I'm back...

Yeshhers, I am back from watching this movie with my sis and cousin Deb. Like all book-to-big-screen adaptations, it doesn't beat the book itself. In fact, I can consider the movie a waste of my $8.00. It's as bad as the Harry Potter adaptations. Perhaps even worse because it lacks the excitement and entertainment factors which the HP movies actually do provide.

I can't stand the way they portrayed the elf Arya. In the book she was stoic and completely rejected Eragon by the sequel; in the movie she seemed to be perpetually flinging herself into his arms.

I'm also not satisfied with the very brief depiction of Murtagh. He appeared towards the end of the movie and then - WHAM - suddenly becomes Eragon's best bud for no reason, and then they tell you he's Morzan's son, and that's that. Absolutely no character development, and Murtagh was my favourite character.

(Oh, well, at least he's good looking enough. He looks like Tom Felton. Kinda.)

(Oh, and I'm back from TAIWAN. Nice place =) I'm not blogging about it yet because I lack the time and inspiration.)


Fish Leong's new album is really good. =) I think the Taiwanese adore her because they were playing it EVERYWHERE I went.

very cute! (but it loads very slowly)

Tsuji Ayano - Kaze ni Naru
Very cute and happy too. It's the original version of the above Fish Leong song, if I'm not wrong (they sound identical.) It's the theme song of NEKO NO ONGAESHI (The Cat Returns), another very cute and fantastic Studio Ghibli film. (Look out for all the thumbs-ups. VERY SPASTIC x3)


home sweet home

Loooking down from the 20th floor. My neighbourhood looks beautiful at night, especially when it's raining. =)

Another view. The rooftops look so enticing, right? (NO, for running about on, not for ending your own life from. Pshhh.)

And another. Living on the 20th floor really has its perks. Setting-sun sky is so easily visible. (These pics are taken with my mummy's handphone camera, can you believe it?)

Singapore Press Holdings. It's somewhere west of our block. I couldn't take a clear picture because it's quite far away, but I'm always dreaming about going there. The place looks nice. And do you see the green glowing lights at the top of the building? Actually, there are basketball courts at the top of the building. It's so cool la. I wanna visit~

Cumulonimbus (?) at the beginning of the sun-set...

And at the end of the sun-set. Ooo, ominous.


In a matter of hours, I'll be saying bye-bye to these familiar sights for a little while... ;))) (No, the fact that I'm actually going abroad hasn't really hit and sunk into me. Yet.)

I slept like a pig today! Praise God. (And please forgive me.)




It felt unreal there in church. I'm still a little disbelieved that Grammy Award winner Casting Crowns with their fantastic music and beautiful, insightful lyrics came to a tiny church in Singapore. I am flying for Taiwan very soon, and my biggest regret is that I cannot see Casting Crowns live in concert.

But I know the main point is_not_the band and their music. The main point is the message they bring. And today's message felt as though it was talking directly to me. ME. Every Sunday sermon has been inspiring and made me think seriously about my Christian walk some way or other, but today's was different, special because it's so real, and as a youth I can completely identify and relate with the things Pastor Mark Hall brought up.

It's renewed my conviction in Christianity.

I want to do something for the Lord now, and so even though I can't be in Singapore on the 7th or 8th of December, 7:30pm, I'm hoping that you will go and be touched and blessed by Casting Crown's music and the messages they will bring. Please visit for details.

YOU MUST GO. (Yinghui will pei2 you on one of those nights. Wahaha~)

Praise God!


Today all the usual youngsters congregated at ah ma's house again, finally, after a month-long estrangement because of exams and camps and whatnot. It felt wonderful. Everyone was being noisy as usual.

Timothy was hammering at the computer, swinging Lego blocks around and trying to get me to play ang moh chess with him (and NO, he can't play, the only thing he can do is arrange the pawns correctly, in one straight line in the second row). Deborah was shouting at the top of her voice as usual in response to everything we said. Lou snored away for most of LotR and miraculously revived whenever Legolas' face appeared onscreen. ZW remained passive for most of LotR until I nudged her with my foot whenever Aragorn appeared. Me? I was squealing for Pippin and Merry. (And Hugo Weaving as Elrond never ceases to amuse me.) YZ was trying to play some... gameboy thingy. Which did not belong to him but to Deb & Timothy, and Deb is only in P5. *shrugs* Kids these days.

And halfway Godmama called ah ma and I got to chitchat with her for a while, and because I am supposedly the freest this December holiday she has made me the official planner of the Xmas party! *gasp* I can't do anything like this!

Godmama and Godpapa are coming for a short stay from Kazakstan soon. =) Praise God.



I run, sometimes I hide

...sometimes I really do want to ask 'why' - why things change, why happiness doesn't last and why people around me must walk around with frowns and furrowed brows. Then I have to remember my advice to other people and practise what I preach. I must be strong, at least for the sake of those I love. Sometimes it really helps to remember some wise lyrics from MAYDAY (rocks! *ahem*):



How much does one's past matter? Does one really have that much of an obligation to venture back into what has already ended a long time ago?

As I told them today, there are no answers. And there may never be solutions to everything.

But at least we'll always have each other. So let's smile, for a little while.


random musings

Seriously, everyone is either insensitive or inconsiderate at some point or other. Me, too. It's the natural human condition. No one has perfect EQ. Yes, of course some people have nearer-to-perfect EQ than others. Yes, it's a terribly hurting or annoying condition to the third party.

But I don't want to complain anymore, because who is exempt?


STUDIO GHIBLI FILMS ROCK. Hayao Miyazaki & Joe Hisaishi are LOVE. Anyone who hasn't seen Laputa/Spirited Away/Mononoke Hime/etc should go and catch one of them NOW. They're simply the best animated films ever. They are really cute, sweet and magical, and the background graphics, scenery and landscapes are always so detailed and lush. AND THE MUSIC. <3

Yes, I must admit that Studio Ghibli might be better even than DISNEY. whoaaa.

(I still thoroughly love [old] Disney though, and I want to own all the DVDS!)

Okaaay. I've finished 4 Studio Ghibli films. 8 left to go in my collection. ^_^


Am going to Kbox today. And VivoCity tomorrow. *is a happy girlll*

Must tire myself out everyday so that I can sleep early at night, muahahaha.


I'm tired of all the superficiality. Have we really nothing else to discuss anymore? What happened to the past? 'Cause everybody's changing and I don't feel the same. Do I like it? No. But I guess it can't be helped.



This PV is really nice, entirely worth the long wait. Highly recommended. It's cute and funny and heartbreaking by turns. It's very reminiscent of Ah Sang's Ye Zi MV! Only nicer. And the song is just fantastic. If only ORANGE RANGE would do more of these 'ballads'...

Especially posted for my lao-gong because she's my only fellow ORANGE RANGE fan! Ahahaha~~

lyrics translation

As always, the moon tonight
Shines on me, alone in my bed
Yearning for you, I mumbled to myself
In the world in my pillow
You're always smiling and singing to me
You're beautiful, I murmured in your ear

I'll awaken the memories of those days that I locked away
And bravely face tomorrow
For you, who gave me this love
I've just got to open the door and move on
Now I'll say goodbye to that couple in love
Who said "I hate you" and "I love you"

It's too late now, but thank you
Thank you
For quietly and gently supporting me
Across time I send you my thanks now
Unable to be honest with myself, I'd locked away
The album in my heart, but now I opened it up
And as I faced forward, the memories smiled at me

It was a sunny day when I first saw you
It felt like everything was breaking inside me
With a slim hope, I confessed my feelings to you
The crickets were so loud
Did you hear me?
But you just nodded and gave me a small smile

There are no unnecessary tears
They're a medicine for getting stronger
I can now laugh
At this future that will never come

It's too late now, but thank you
Thank you
For quietly and gently supporting me
Across time I send you my thanks now
Unable to be honest with myself, I'd locked away
The album in my heart, but now I opened it up
And as I faced forward, the memories smiled at me

The map of the future we made together
And the tears of being unable to forgive
Look, our footprints are like a three-legged race
Nothing was useless
Don't throw away your love
Don't forget the joy of being loved
Keep your smile, just like that day
Because you're so pretty when you smile
Don't cry, don't cry
If I yell till my voice is hoarse, it will reach you
Start walking, start walking
The memories are with me
Clutching everything, I'll go

I'll go


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